Film works

Women on Pluto, 2015. Three-channel video installation. Continuous loops, dimensions variable.


Momentarea, 2015. Single-channel video, continuous loop with two plaster vessels. Dimensions variable.


Bagmotts Halt, 2014. Single-channel video, 1:35 mins. Dimensions variable.


A Room full of Stones, 2014. Single-channel video, 1:19 mins. Dimensions variable.


A Granite Note, 2014. Three-Channel video installation, continuous loops. Dimensions variable. With paper rock sculptures.


Three Pieces in the Shape of… 2013. Three-channel video installation, continuous loops, dimensions variable. With paper sculptures.


Movement of Fear 11, 2012. Single-channel video 0:38 mins. Dimensions variable.


A Way from Here to Where, 2012. Single-channel video, 1:06 mins. Dimensions variable.


Movement of Fear 1, 2012. Single-channel video, 0:45 mins. Dimensions variable.

Miss Calpurnia, 2011. Single-channel video, 1:14 mins. Dimensions variable.


Vladimar and Rosa, 2011. Single-channel video, continuous loop dimensions variable. Part of fictional dance company project.


BB, 2010. Single-channel video, continuous loop dimensions variable.


The Study, 2009. Single-channel video, 1:23 mins. Dimensions variable.


The Audition, 2008. Single channel video, 1:37 mins. Dimensions variable.


walk the walk? 2007. Single-channel video, continuous loops. Dimensions variable.


Cracked Actor, 2006. Single-channel video, 1:04 mins.Dimensions variable.


Stand By Me, 2005. Single-channel video, continuous loop. Dimensions


When You Are Strange, 2005. Single-channel video, continuous loop. Dimensions variable.