Attn: Miss Calpurnia

I have been commissioned to create a project for FAX which originated at The Drawing Center in NYC in 2009 and includes John Armleder, Liam Gillick, Matthew Higgs, Clair Fontaine, Josephine Meckseper and many more.

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
May 4 – July 21, opening Friday May 4 6-8pm

Attn: Miss Calpurnia
Saturday June 9, 2-6pm

Attn: Miss Calpurnia is an iteration of a film, a figure, a still, an image, a page and a color fax machine. In a never-ending, transforming loop, material components move from film to video to fax to copy to print in the deconstruction of the still and moving image.

Perched on its pedestal the fax machine ‘copies’ a series of faxed color stills from Colvin’s single-channel video Miss Calpurnia. A fleeting figure frozen on the page is caught up in its own elusive choreography as the sheets of paper fall to the floor. These stills mark a performance of sorts which in turn compile into an issue of Vladimar and Rosa, Colvin’s latest ephemeral publication devoted to the moving image. A final iteration of Attn: Miss Calpurnia will take the form of a blown-up version of one of the faxed stills which will be displayed in the Gallery as a 30”x40” plotter print.