Finding Your Name in a Library of Miracles.

On Anne Colvin

Modern Edinburgh Film School (2013) Edition of 100. Supported by New Media Scotland.

Extracts from:

Scottish-born and educated in London and Edinburgh in Psychology and Photography and based in San Francisco, California, her work yields to this transportation, this migrated single, double, triple identity. She is a kind of “Girl Stowaway in the Herzogin Cecile”, a celebrant of coincidence, a navigator in filmic past and present oppositions of movements forward.

Colvin’s work in moving image selects, sequences and distracts, stages, repeats, floods, preserves, stops and loops the screen. She bends and coalesces the subject and its surface, and shrinks the spaces, interruptions and chasms between time and image.

These works are often fleeting, often residual, often a doppelganger, that stages itself like its own cameo. By pointing to the thing ‘off-stage’, in the mentioning of something about to appear she catalyses a ‘presence’, a consciousness”.

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