Nominated for Margaret Tait Award.

The kind of cinema I care about is at the level of poetry – in fact – it has been in a way my life’s work making film poems – Margaret Tait.

I am very honored to have been nominated for the Margaret Tait Award. Set up by the Glasgow Film Festival “this award will recognise artists who are experimental, innovative and who work within film and moving image”.

Margaret Tait was a very inspirational figure, a fiercely independent Scottish poet and experimental filmmaker.

A unique and underrated filmmaker, nobody like her. Born of the Italian neo-realists, formed of her own Scottish pragmatism, optimism, generosity and experimental spirit, and a clear forerunner of the English experimental directors of the late 20th century. A clear example of, and pioneer of, the poetic tradition, the experimental tradition, the democratic tradition, in the best of risk-taking Scottish cinema – Ali Smith, writer.