“Ripples on the Pond”, GoMA, Glasgow

I was recently invited to give a talk about my practice at GoMA in Glagow in advance of the show Ripples on the Pond. I was joined by Alex Hetherington of Modern Edinburgh Film School and film historian, Sarah Neely. Ripples on the Pond is curated as a conversation between the works in the collection on paper and moving image by women artists and as an invitation to Modern Edinburgh Film School and LUX Scotland to programme artist screenings within and beyond the gallery space.

Two of my single-channel video works, Bagmott’s Halt (2014) and A Room full of Stones (2014will be included in this exciting show which includes artists such as Roni Horn, Barbara Hepworth, Jo Spence, Lucy Skaer and in the moving image program, Corin Sworn who represented Scotland at the last Venice Biennale.

My works will be given a dedicated space over a six week period from May 28-July 9 in the rotating moving image program and an essay publication on my practice is being produced.  I was also invited to respond to the collection in written form for the catalogue and chose to write a poem, the title is self-explanatory!

Poetic musings on the filmic frame and word/title extracts from Ripples on the Pond wall label texts and one line from Pasolini’s poem Triumph of the Night, 2015.

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