School of Inattention

meets once a week with the desire to explore the ineffable.

tablw of books

#4. This month we meet at the iconic City Lights bookstore in the poetry room to play with lost and found language.

We will explore words in space, pulling and stretching at beats and thoughts bringing an in the moment experience to the language of poetry. From simple haikus to philosophical musings, “the little edges” beckon.

Dear Prudence
the performance of becoming human.

Solitudes crowded with loneliness
and sun in days.
The service porch with the green piano,
a night sky with exit wounds.

Writing the silences
to voices from the corner.
Bukowski in a sundress.

An invocation to daughters
at Sappho’s gymnasium.

Anne Colvin, 2017
(drawn from City Lights Poetry room titles)



#3. For the month of October we will meet on the roof of my apartment building as fall beckons and the light softens. We will think through the body working with found movements inspired by Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A, 1966.

In one long stripped bare dance phrase, Rainer carried out pedestrian movements and actions in “real movement time,” as a succession of things experienced as seen one after the other. This marked the beginnings of the post-modern dance movement in the US.

Movement becomes the object–a gesture, a repetition, an abstraction, a marker–moving beyond choreography to a conceptual spatial awarenesss. These open-ended investigations can be incorporated into sculptural, ephemeral/temporal works or projects at a later date.




#2. Continuing on from our hill-top vantage point, this month we will meet in the Ina Coolbrith Park in Russian Hill, San Francisco.

Enjoying the last gasp of California summer with its brightly colored wild flowers and shrubs, we will pay particular attention to plants with healing properties.

We will take note of lavender and aloe vera, and start a field book with newsprint, watercolor, ink, and plant oils. Concepts of healing, both physical and metaphysical will be explored.

As always, being mindful of  tapping into a stillness of the mind.



#1. Once a week for the month of August we meet on a hill top high above the city of San Francisco, commanding stunning views of the Bay and beyond.

Sounds of the city merge with the call of wild parrots while the smell of jasmine lingers in the air.

Concepts of distance will be explored with clay and paper, marking out impressions, memories and the marking of time. Ways of increasing awareness of being in space tap into a stillness of the mind.

Directions walk four steps, turn a corner, past the cacti, the fog clears and the mind settles.


(all images: Black Mountain College)