My work explores the the tension between memory, material structure and moving image.

Within an analogue-cued but digitally-framed field visual, sonic and spoken word phrases are sculpted as flows of intensity,  bending and coalescing in the moment and beyond. Embarking on ephemeral filmic journeys,  temporal spaces for new fragments of meaning are found.

Grounded by structural film strategies and existential concerns my boundaries are elastic and my freedom of action limitless.

Colvin’s work studies the ‘depiction’ and an understanding of it, using the things and emotions that might surround its subject. By pointing to the thing off-stage, in the mentioning of something about to appear she catalyses a presence, a consciousness – Modern Edinburgh Film School.

Colvin has an intrinsic interest in examining the world and developing meaning through unexpected visual and lyrical synchronicities – Stephanie Hanor, Director Mills College Art Museum.