The Shape of a Pocket: Anne Colvin and Margaret Tait.

Jan 22 – March 16, 2014
Mills College Art Museum
Oakland, California.

The Shape of a Pocket: Anne Colvin and Margaret Tait offers a rare West Coast opportunity to see the works of Anne Colvin and Margaret Tait within a unique and intimate environment.

The works of Scottish, San Francisco-based, moving image artist Anne Colvin and mid-twentieth century Scottish filmmaker and poet, Margaret Tait unfold through gallery installations, film screenings and readings. Colvin’s non-linear interruptions complement Tait’s ‘film poems’ to create an experience of found and readymade ‘imperfections’. The relationship between these two women—as painterly, poetic and experimental artists—comes to light in a chorus of image and sound.

With screens set amongst paper rock sculptures, Colvin’s newly commissioned three-channel video installation A Granite Note creates a haunting call and response refrain using abstracted visual and sonic fragments of boats, flowers and pipers that extend and shrink the chasm between time and image.

A separate screening room features two of Tait’s films, Portrait of Ga, a delicate and nuanced portrait of Tait’s own mother is evoked through glimpses and personal histories. Colour Poems is a series of lyrical short pieces where spoken word, image, memory and observation serve as existential markers.

To frame the collection of Margaret Tait’s idiosyncratic poems and short stories, Colvin has created a reading room installation complete with books, ephemera, images, stools recreated from Tait’s 1960s reading at the Richard Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh, the U.S. premiere of a new Margaret Tait documentary produced by The Glasgow Women’s Library, as well as her own botanical, collaged cut-outs.

The Shape of a Pocket: Anne Colvin and Margaret Tait is supported by the Agnes Cowles Bourne Fund for Special Exhibitions. Margaret Tait’s films are courtesy of the artist and LUX, London.

A Granite Note (video still)


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